Our categories
  • Family planning & pregnancy

    Whether you want to have a child, are pregnant or are breastfeeding – our products are tailored to each phase so that you and your baby are optimally supplied with all of the important nutrients.

  • Health & well-being

    Our body is ordinarily supplied with all of the important vitamins and minerals. However, certain situations such as sport, stress or a weakened immune system may demand an increased supply.

  • Digestion

    The digestive system is the most important basis for supplying our body with energy and nutrients. Our products support this process – for carefree enjoyment of your favourite meals.

  • Performance

    A successful and fulfilled day always requires physical and mental performance. Whether learning, working or in everyday life – it is often a matter of exploiting one’s full potential.

  • Child health

    Selected vitamins and minerals for babies and toddlers – so that nothing stands in the way of healthy growth.

  • Sport & physical activity

    Our bones, joints and muscles are placed under a strain daily because they form the body’s musculoskeletal system. For this reason, our products contain important nutrients to support bones and cartilage – so that exercise is fun!

  • Libido

    Increased energy and performance as well as more fun and spontaneity – this is what many people want for a fulfilled love life. Our nutrient combinations support the energy metabolism and give your libido a helping hand.